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COOAU 3MP IP Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor Solar Battery WIFI Home PTZ

COOAU 3MP IP Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor Solar Battery WIFI Home PTZ

COOAU 3MP IP Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor Solar Battery WIFI Home PTZ
COOAU 3MP IP Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor Solar Battery WIFI Home PTZ. 100% Wireless and Easy to Install. Unlike other battery cameras, COOAU has designed a bracket that is easier for you to mount. It not only supports wall and ceiling mounting, but also allows you to mount the camera without having to hold it up. You simply mount the bracket first and then easily clip the camera on. When it's time to charge the camera, just take it off and it will clip on in less than a minute after charging. COOAU cameras are dedicated to reducing the hassle in our customers' daily lives. 360° Pan/Tilt Monitor without Blind Spots.

With 355° pan and 90° tilt, this outdoor wireless camera allows you to easily select the camera via the mobile app to go and watch the status of your babies and pets' activities in another corner of your home when they are out of monitor range. 2K Super HD & 4 Digital Zoom. With 2K pixels (23041296) of Super HD resolution, this outdoor security camera captures vivid images with up to 50% more clarity than 1080p(19201080). Combined with the 4x digital zoom, you can clearly see faces, traffic signs, license plates and more. Tip: It is digital zoom not optical zoom.

The 10 levels of sensitivity adjustment allow you to reduce the sensitivity when you don't need to trigger as often. When you need more alarms, you can turn up the sensitivity. Colourful Night Vision like Daylight.

When a person is detected at night, the spotlight will automatically turn on, threatening suspicious persons and providing colourful night vision. Tip: Colour night vision is provided due to the spotlight turning on, if you want to turn off the spotlight you can select black and white night vision. Through many experiments, we have come to the conclusion that with 20-30 triggers per day, the battery operated security camera will last 4-6 months. The app will also notify you when the battery is below 20%, so you don't need to worry about the outdoor safety camera stopping recording because the battery is running out. Set up area detection via the smartphone app to detect the main areas that need attention.

Events in other areas will not be detected, making it easy to filter out unwanted alarms and reducing battery consumption. This CCTV camera supports the use of the App - COOAU Cam and Cloudedge. Multi-deviceThe app supports real-time viewing of 4 COOAU different security cameras at the same time. When you are away from home, COOAU cameras will help you record important events and protect your home. SD Card or Cloud Storage.

When motion is detected, the security camera outdoor wireless will automatically record video. You can set it to record 10/20/30 seconds of video according to your needs. You can view, play and download monitor videos in real time via the app due to the camera's support for 128GB SD cards (not included) and free 7-day trial cloud storage. 2K FHD & Color Night Vision? With 2K Full HD and 4X digital zoom, cctv camera allows you to watch and record videos with clear details day or night. The outdoor wireless security camera has a built-in dual led light source, which automatically turns on the light when it gets dark. Bring you color night vision just like daytime, even in the middle of the night. 3 night vision modes (full color, infrared, smart) for you to switch freely. 355° Pan 90° Tilt & Brand App? The wireless outdoor security camera supports 355° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation to provide full protection for your home.

You can control the rotation of the 360 camera remotely via APP and watch every angle. You can also use the COOAU Cam to flexibly adjust the sensitivity of motion detection, recording time, alarm plan and more to suit your needs. Human Detection & Alarm & Storage?

The home security camera combines AI smart algorithms and PIR detection to enhance human identity to reduce false alarm. When a suspicious person is detected at night, the spotlight and siren will automatically switch on to secure the home by threating away. You can view, play and download in real time via the app as the security camera supports a 128GB SD card (not included) and free 7-day trial cloud storage.

100% Wireless & Easy Installation? No cord design and two mounting options ensures easy and flexible installation anywhere (not only on the wall but also on the ceiling). Based on 2.4GHz WiFi and IP66 waterproof design, the battery operated security camera can be installed outdoors and indoors flexibly.

You don't need to worry about annoying power cords and network cables. Tips:Outdoor camera does not support 5GHz. Two-Way Audio & Multi-User Sharing? The COOAU outdoor camera wireless has built-in microphone and speaker, and works with the intercom function of the mobile APP to talk with the person in front of the camera anytime, anywhere. You can access the WiFi camera from anywhere to view live feed and share surveillance with family members.

Even when you're not there, you can know what's going on. 1 x Security Camera 1 x USB Cable 1 x Installation Guide Sticker 1 x User Manual 5 x Camera Screw Hats 5 x Camera Screws 1 x Solar Panel 1 x Solar Panel Bracket 3 x Bracket Screw Hats 3 x Bracket Screws. Otherwise, an unpaid case will be opened if full payments is not received after a week. Buyers are responsible for these charges. Transit times may vary, Particularly during the holiday season.

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COOAU 3MP IP Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor Solar Battery WIFI Home PTZ